The Peverel Flats is not run for a profit and our operating model is to simply pass on the rental expenses we incur.

Rent for 2020 is expected to be approximately $140 per week. This cost includes unlimited fibre broadband. 

Our tenancy runs from February for 12 months. 


The bond is three weeks rent paid in advance when signing into the tenancy agreement. This is refunded at the end of the tenancy, less any deductions for damage or unpaid debts to the flat.



Students should insure their personal bits and pieces e.g. computers, xbox/playstation, musical instruments, phones and other valuable items. The flat insurance policy will not cover the loss of students' personal items. Check your insurance policy- sometimes parents' insurance can cover a child's belongings.


Additional costs

Costs of meals, gas and electricity are shared across the tenants. If necessary we provide support on setting up a flat account and discuss ways to handle day to day flat costs.