How does the tenancy work?

The tenancy runs for 52 weeks from February. We sign a formal tenancy agreement with all our tenants on a per room basis and the bond you pay is lodged with Tenancy Services and will be refunded provided there is no damage. Refer to costs page for pricing.

What if I need to leave part way through the year?

The tenancy is fixed term, meaning that even if you have to leave town you are still responsible for paying your rent on time. We will do our best to try and find a replacement but this can be difficult in the middle of the year and would require the approval of your flatmates.

How are rooms allocated?

Rooms are allocated to tenants at the start of the tenancy. All rooms in the flats are very similar. If you are not happy with your room allocation then you can negotiate this with your flatmates.

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately as part of our agreement with the owners of the properties no pets are allowed.

What support do you provide?

We aim to support tenants through their first year of uni as much as needed. We can advise you on how to set up a flat bank account, how to resolve flat disputes, how to plan flat meals, the list goes on. It is dependent on what help you need. If you are all confident in these we won’t tell you what to do!

What does rent cover?

The rent you pay covers the room and internet. We are happy to help set up other utilities but the cost of these will be a general flat cost that must be covered by you and your flatmates.

Can I stay over the university holidays?

While you may enjoy a break from your flatmates by having a visit to your family, unlike halls of residence your tenancy covers the uni holidays, so you are welcome to stay over this period.

Is The Peverel Flats linked to a church?

The Peverel Flats Team are members of Riccarton Community Church; the church and the team are committed to providing pastoral care to each tenant. There is no obligation to attend RCC, but we expect you to be involved in a church. 


Can I visit the flats before applying?

We welcome visitors to have a look through the flats. However, to respect the privacy of current tenants, please contact us via the contact page to organise a viewing.


Are the flats split into a boys' flat and a girls' flat?

We don't have gender assigned flats. We are reliant on what applications we get but aim to get a gender mix of 3-3 in each flat. However, in the past there have been times where its been less balanced or completely one gender to a flat.  We aim to keep tenants informed if the numbers are trending towards a gender in particular.