The Flats

The Peverel Flats began in 2004 when Riccarton Community Church (RCC) members Joy and Russell Broughton felt called to start a ministry catering to first year students moving to Christchurch. The Broughtons arranged for two six bedroom flats to be purpose built and ran them successfully for eight years, which saw nearly 100 students pass through their care. After the earthquakes of 2010/11, there was a shortage of students coming to Christchurch which led to the ministry winding up.

In 2016, a group of young adults at RCC, including several former tenants of Joy and Russell, felt the time was right to relaunch the ministry and are excited to once again support students leaving home to move to Christchurch.

The Peverel Flats team recognises that the first year away from home is often a time where young christians challenge and reconstruct their faith. We exist to create a supportive environment for this can take place and to aid integration into a new church community. We are also on hand to help with the practical and pastoral challenges that come with living away from home for the first time.


Riccarton Community Church

RCC is a contemporary 'every-generation' church. Passionate about sharing Jesus' life-changing message in a way that connects biblical truth with today's challenges and opportunities.

One of the core values as a church is to be outward looking; towards our local community in Riccarton, the city of Christchurch, and the world around us. We love people and helping them thrive and reach their God-given potential.

Comm under the umbrella of RCC, is a community of young adults from all over New Zealand (and the world) who come together in weekly small groups, with a mix of workers and students from various tertiary institutions around the Christchurch area. This is an opportunity to foster and encourage each other’s talents, help each other connect with God and others, and support people as they work out the direction and purpose of their life.