James & Grace Sheat

Grace and James are both professionals, working as a Speech and Language Pathologist and Mechanical Engineer with Grace currently on maternity leave caring for the latest arrival to their family, six month old Ezra. Grace and James both help lead the young adults community at RCC, Grace runs the Creche ministry on Sundays and James is on the elders board. They see value in providing care for students and young adults and are passionate about supporting others in their faith.

Matt & Lauren Taylor

Accountant and art teacher/graphic designer, both are involved in various ministries at RCC, from youth group to music. They both hold a connection to the original Peverel Flats with Matt, a third generation Peverel flattie in 2006 and Lauren's brother, a first generation flattie in 2004. They both see great value in keeping young people connected with a church community when they leave home and look forward to seeing the Peverel Flats positively impacting the lives of future Peverelites.

Will Minish

An Embedded Systems Engineer working for a local Christchurch firm, Will has helped lead the RCC young adults ministry since 2012. Growing up at RCC, he saw the great impact of the original Peveral flats ministry for both those who lived at the flats and the for church as a whole. He is excited to be involved in the restart of this ministry and help the new generation of Peverelites grow their faith and thrive in the church community.

Caleb & Sophie Meyer

Structural engineer and final-year medical student, Caleb and Sophie are both excited to see the re-launch of the Peverel Flats. They are passionate about seeing young people become involved in a church community as they leave home for the first time, and see the Peverel Flats as a great opportunity to support this. Both have ties to the original ministry - Caleb, as a Peverel flattie in 2009, and Sophie, having lived at the flats after the conclusion of the formal ministry. They also have experience of flat management, currently sharing their home with other flatmates. They are both looking forward to meeting the new Peverelites and being a part of the community.